Yoga for Seniors
Yoga is the ideal form of physical exercise for seniors who now represent the fastest growing segment of the United States population.

Using my knowledge of the vast health complexities that accompany age, I carefully modify and sequence poses to help my senior students both challenge themselves and address their personal needs and/or conditions. In order to make poses more accessible, the use of props, such as ropes, blocks, chairs, bolsters and straps are encouraged. While this approach enables students to gradually improve their balance, strength, and flexibility, it also accomplishes a much larger goal to improve quality of life, and ease the painful symptoms of many chronic ailments common to seniors.

Using principals of Hatha yoga, senior classes include gentle movements that emphasize balance, posture, and meditative, mindful breathing exercises that promote relaxation. In all cases, I focus on helping my students proceed at their own pace. Active seniors seeking a more vigorous yoga practice will be challenged with sequences geared to fit their lifestyle and fitness goals.