Yoga Instruction
Yoga is an ancient science from India which dates back over 5,000 years. Today, the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of practicing yoga are experienced by an increasing number of people from all walks of life. With the popularity of yoga on the rise, I strive to identify the unique needs and goals of my students in private, semi-private and specialized small group yoga classes.

My overall objective as a yoga teacher is to help my students achieve positive results relative to their individual lifestyles, fitness goals and unique body types. I find this is best achieved by working in a smaller, controlled environment, where I am able to pay close attention to each student. Small group work is also most conducive to focusing on breath work, yoga postures and alignment

Breath work and physical postures are the two fundamental relaxation tools incorporated into all classes, helping students learn techniques vital to reducing stress, improving self-confidence and attaining inner peace in their daily lives. Physically, students leave classes feeling refreshed, more limber, lengthened and relaxed.

My teaching style ranges from a flowing practice of Hatha yoga that emphasizes dynamic movements, to restorative yoga, a gentler practice that often involves the use of props. Universally, I challenge my students to find balance between the intensity and softness of yoga practice. My classes are designed to enhance both strength and calmness, promoting mental and physical equilibrium.